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New kind of adventure is a 3D story-driven RPG set in a colourful and fun fantasy world. You will control two characters, Mary and Aquarius, they have different skills and they can only solve all the puzzles together. Also you will encounter complex scenarios to solve and seek help from companions and pets which you may choose to include in your team. Also, in the game, it is necessary to gather food, precious gems and magical artefacts which will help throughout your adventure.

  • A deep learning, and thematically satisfying story.A challenging tale underpins the drive of the game, both mechanically and narratively. Your words, choices, and actions will be your primary weapons.
  • A world unlike any other.The game has a fantastic, original setting, with awe-inspiring artistic visuals, imaginative locations, truly offbeat items, and massive feats of magic.
  • A rich, personal narrative.The story is thoughtful and character-driven, it 's epic in feel but also holds its own in the personal narrative that Mary lives through, with non-traditional characters and companions who have their own motivations and that drive them throughout the game.
  • Reactivity, choice, and realistic consequences.The game emphasizes re-playability and reactivity, and your choices will make a real difference in your progression. You can replay the game with a different approach and discover entirely new pathways. Most importantly, we won't tell you how to play. The best ending is the one you would choose, whether you choose the Anika Tribe to ally with and defeat the warlocks, or join the Grapple tribe, this will be part of the Artificial Intelligence engine experienced through your actions throughout the game.





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