A downloadable game for Windows

Escape Machines is an addictive Science Fiction single/multi-player/co-op adventure shooter in the near future!Artificial intellect and robots fight against their creators. You must take control of the robots and save people.

The game is currently in beta, some features may be unfinished, multi-player will be coming very soon!


  • Play with friends in co-op and VS multi-player. (Coming soon)
  • Build robots and command them to win in battle.
  • Upgrade your weapons and armour.
  • Battle huge robot bosses.
  • Use vehicles to travel, add turrets to your vehicles.
  • Customize your armour, weapons and stats. Buy/upgrade equipment in the 'Amourer shop'
  • Level editor - create levels, share and play them with friends.
  • Original soundtrack/SFX ~ bit-music mixed with progressive trance and electro-funk.


  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Russian


This game is currently unavailable